Little Men
Little Men(2016)

Storyline:When poor-paid actor Brian Jardine (Greg Kinnear) and his wife Kathy (Jennifer Ehle) inherit a house in Brooklyn from Brian's deceased father, they do not hesitate and move in, because rent-free living is a good opportunity for the family's budget to protect. For her shy son Jake (Theo Taplitz) the move means a big change, but he quickly settles in when he finds a friend in the bright neighbor boy Tony (Michael Barbieri). Tony's mother Leonor (Paulina Garcia) runs a small fashion boutique on the ground floor of the house, but while adult relationships are friendly at first, it soon comes to a fight when the Jardines, for their own financial need, demand the local Leonor rental price but refuses. Because so far, she paid only a small fee to Brian's father and would close the shop at a higher rent. For Jake and Tony, it's clear the adults are behaving badly and they have to do something about it!

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