Storyline:US student Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) is on a party vacation in Taipei, where she is being asked by her new friend, the petty criminal Richard (Pilou Asbaek), to take a suitcase to the mysterious Mr. Chang (Choi Min-sik) to hand over. At the delivery everything goes awry, Richard is executed and Lucy captured by Mr. Chang. To escape the mess, she is to smuggle a novel super drug to Europe. this is implanted against her will in the stomach. Again, everything goes awry, Lucy is beaten up and the dangerous substance is released in her body. However, Lucy's panic quickly turns to astonishment as she realizes that the drug has unleashed unimagined powers. Gradually she is getting stronger, thinking more and more sharply, developing superhuman abilities to escape her tormentors. While Lucy contacts renowned neuroscientist Professor Samuel Norman (Morgan Freeman) to find out what's happening to her, Mafioso Jang uses his henchmen on Lucy to silence the young woman ...

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