Mænd & høns
Mænd & høns(2015)

Storyline:Gabriel (David Dencik) and Elias (Mads Mikkelsen) are brothers but could not be more different. Gabriel is a depressed philosophy professor, while Elias is exclusively interested in women, lounging and other everyday pleasures. Accordingly, the two understand each other not very well. When the brothers learn of their father's death, they receive a video recording in which the deceased informs them that they have been adopted and had different mothers who have not survived the birth. To find their biological father, a famous stem cell researcher, Gabriel and Elias travel to the island of Ork, where their growers are said to live. There they soon make the rough acquaintance of their half brothers Gregor (Nicolai Lie Kaas), Josef (Nicolas Bro) and Franz (Søren Malling). The newcomers hope that the relatives will explain their mysterious origins and move into the run-down mansion ...

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