Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben
Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben(2017)

Storyline:For the young Saliya (Kostja Ullmann) everything seems to be running like clockwork, because after all he just passed all the exams and bagged the Abitur. He consistently conceals that he is almost blind, but apparently no problem for him, as long as he cheats successfully through the life with the handicap. In fact, he even gets a job in a luxury hotel in Munich and none of his colleagues suspects even the slightest. Only his buddy Max (Jacob Matschenz) realizes one day that something is wrong with Saliya and therefore helps him out. While everyone else is enjoying their time at work, for example, the two friends practice the simplest handshakes until they are literally "blind". But when he then meets Laura (Anna Maria Mühe) and falls in love with her, Saliya comes in unpredictable situations that he can no longer control so routinely. His life threatens to get completely out of joint ... Based on the autobiography of Saliya Kahawatte.

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