Storyline:Richard Thorncroft (Julian Barratt) was once famous, after all he played Mindhorn, the detective with the robot eye. But the 80s are long gone, and so is the glory days of Thorncroft's acting career, at the end of which he insulted the plot of the series - the Isle of Man - as well as his colleagues Patricia Deville (Effie Davies), Clive Parnevik (Simon Farnaby) and Peter Easterman (Steve Coogan). Meanwhile, Thorncroft is embarrassing and appears in commercials for socks. But one day an insane criminal (Russell Tovey) rings in the police of the Isle of Man. He calls himself "The Kestrel" and demands to speak with the legend Mindhorn in person. Kestrel threatens a mass murder if one does not grant him this opportunity. The time has come for Thorncroft alias Mindhorn: He should (and must) help to bring the criminal behind bars. Thorncroft agrees - less to prevent murder and more to prepare for his comeback ...

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