Mississippi Grind
Mississippi Grind(2015)

Storyline:Mid-30s Curtis (Ryan Reynolds) loves to spend his time in casinos. One day, at a poker table, he meets the unfortunate 44-year-old Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn). It does not take long for the two to make friends about alcohol and cards and gradually reveal their life story. If Gerry is not tormented by his job as a real estate agent, he loses tons of gambling. His expensive hobby will soon bring a dangerous loan shark (Alfre Woodard) on the scene. And his marriage and the relationship with his daughter have cost him his gambling addiction. Curtis, on the other hand, does not seem to carry any emotional burdens and triggers something by his dynamic, free-spirited demeanor in Gerry. Together they move down the Mississippi, on the way to a crucial poker game, which could mean debt freedom for Gerry ...

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