Money Monster
Money Monster(2016)

Storyline:The notorious financial guru Lee Gates (George Clooney) has even brought it on its own program on television. However, his stock market tips, which in addition to the quality of the system as in any TV format is always synonymous to the good show, not only brought him fans: The family man Kyle (Jack O'Connell) has just a bad investment all his Savings on the stock market gambled. The insider tip for the plant he had from Gates' shipment. Now he is so desperate that he storms armed in the middle of the live show and takes the host hostage. Kyle threatens to kill Gates if his shares do not rise by at least 24.5 points by the close of the market. This is the life of the financial gurus suddenly in the hands of investors out there, because the cameras continue to run and the hostage-taking is increasingly becoming a media spectacle. But will the people in front of the screens actually invest in a bad facility "just" to save the life of a TV presenter?

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