Mortal Engines
Mortal Engines(2018)

Storyline:Thousands of years ago, when an incredible catastrophe devastated the earth, resources in the distant future are becoming increasingly scarce and cities are constantly arguing about it. Meanwhile, these are no longer anchored in one place, but are on huge wheels, with which they drive over the Eroberfläche - always on the lookout for edible and otherwise necessary material. The life of city dweller Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan) changes completely when he meets Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar), a young woman from the wasteland. Their city was invaded and devoured by the rolling colossus that was once the city of London, and it takes the opportunity to try to kill Thaddeus Valentine (Hugo Weaving), who once murdered her mother and is the leader of London. But their attack fails and Tom and Hester soon find themselves in the ranks of a rebel force that wants to prevent Valentine gets a powerful weapon in his hands ... Filming of the eponymous novel by Philip Reeve, which is the prelude to a four-part series.

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