My Blind Brother
My Blind Brother(2016)

Storyline:The brothers Bill (Nick Kroll) and Robbie (Adam Scott) have been rivals since early childhood, because then Robbie was blinded by an accident. Since then he surpasses his undisturbed brother in everything and wants to prove to everyone that his blindness is not a limitation for him. So Robbie participates in all sorts of athletic competitions, from competitive swimming to endurance, while Bill reluctantly supports him. But Robbie not only pursues stubborn goals, he also supports with his actions, a charity that works for the blind. As he gradually becomes a local hero, his brother dies an existence in a barren job. After a charity marathon, Bill happens to meet pretty, but also rather depressed Rose (Jenny Slate) in a bar and they both end up in bed. The next day it turns out that Rose is the new assistant to Robbie, of which Bill is of course not very enthusiastic ...

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