My Friend Dahmer
My Friend Dahmer(2017)

Storyline:Mid-1970s: Jeffrey Dahmer (Ross Lynch) is in his final high school year and a total outsider with no real friends. In his free time, he picks up carcasses of run-away animals and puts them in acid in a small forest hut, which he gets from his chemist father (Dallas Roberts). His mother (Anne Heche) has just returned from a psychiatric institution, where she was arrested for, among other things, a supposed UFO sighting. As Jeffrey imitates the spasticity of a half-sided paralyzed in a school lesson and it gets laughter, he is a little more popular. This eventually increases to such an extent that Jeffrey rolls wildly twitching in the school corridor and forms around classmate Derf (Alex Wolff) a kind of Dahmer fan club, which incites the actual outsider to harder and harder actions.

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