Storyline:On the Internet, a new, illegal game called "Nerve" circulates, where participants have to master risky challenges as the world watches them. Nowhere seems to be another topic of conversation and the shy Vee (Emma Roberts) gets wind of it. In order for her to finally be in the thick of the action, as her friend Sydney (Emily Meade), she logs on as a player. Her mother (Juliette Lewis) does not care what her daughter is up to - and as if confirming her maternal concerns, Vee has the job of kissing a strange guy right at the beginning of Nerve. Spontaneously, she presses her lips to her mouth (Dave Franco). From then on, the two try to master the increasingly dangerous stages and become the Internet sensation. But when Vee and Ian want to get out of the game, they realize that it is long since too late ...

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