Ouija: Origin of Evil
Ouija: Origin of Evil(2016)

Storyline:Los Angeles 1965: The Widowed Alice Zander (Elizabeth Reaser) lives to the weddings of the wild 60s with her two daughters Paulina and Doris (Annalize Basso and Lulu Wilson) in the California metropolis. Alice earns her living by cheating the uninhabited with her Ouija board, and with the help of her daughters, the full load of demon hauntings. The fun, however, is over very quickly when Alice involuntarily invites a real spirit to a séance that takes possession of the youngest daughter Doris. And this is anything but harmless. Time for mother and daughter to face unimaginable fears to save the youngest of the family and send the evil back to the other side. Prequel to "Ouija - do not play with the devil".

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