Pay the Ghost
Pay the Ghost(2015)

Storyline:Because of all the work English professor Mike Lawford (Nicolas Cage) neglects his family and spends too little time with his sweetheart. The promise to son-man Charlie (Jack Fulton) but the father wants to comply and so visit them together a Halloween parade. What should be a nice family outing mutates into a total nightmare as the boy disappears from one moment to the next. Even a year later, despite intensive search, there is no indication of Charlie's whereabouts. And that's how Mike's feelings of guilt grow, as terrible nightmares plague him. But so slowly the father believes his child tries to contact him through the threatening pictures. Together with his alienated wife Kristen (Sarah Wyne Callies) he follows the supernatural trail - with the result that the professor soon doubts his mind. Could his son have become the victim of a vengeful spirit? Film adaptation of the eponymous short story written by Tim Lebbon.

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