Phantom Thread
Phantom Thread(2017)

Storyline:London in the 1950s: Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a famous dressmaker and coveted bachelor. Together with his sister Cyril (Lesley Manville) he is in the center of the British fashion world, her brand "The House of Woodcock" is appreciated by the nobility as well as movie stars and high-society greats. In love affairs, Reynolds considers himself cursed and flees from one affair to the next. But then Alma (Vicky Krieps) enters his life, a strong-willed woman who not only becomes his lover, but also his greatest inspiration. But Alma not only wants the sound to be in the hands of the great artist, she challenges Reynolds to accept another person with a strong personality at his side. The carefully controlled life of the designer threatens to get out of joint.

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