Quo vado?
Quo vado?(2016)

Storyline:Checco (Checco Zalone) still lives with his parents (Maurizio Micheli Peppino, Ludovica Modugno), expresses himself before marriage and paternity and has chosen the easy way in the job: He works in the State Department of Hunting and Fishing - indefinitely, without much Effort and always in justified expectation of the next bribe. This is comfortable for him and also for his long-term friend (Azzurra Martino), whose dedication does not abate. However, with the public administration reform, Checco sees its privileges melting like ice in the Italian sun. Before the election "termination or transfer" asked, Checco opts for option No. 2. The ice-cold female officer Sironi (Sonia Bergamasco) uses this to drastic measures: In the hope that he quits, she sends the rebellious lazybones to the most remote places , even beyond the borders of Italy to the North Pole on a research station, where he is to protect the scientists against Eisbärangriffen. There he meets the lovely researcher Valeria (Eleonora Giovanardi) - and a little later Checco begins to question his habits ...

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