Raiders of the Lost Ark
Raiders of the Lost Ark(1981)

Storyline:In 1936, the archaeologist Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones (Harrison Ford) charged by the American intelligence service to search for the fabled Ark. According to confidential information, the Nazis are also looking for the Ark of the Covenant to use their supernatural powers to create an army of super-soldiers. Dr. Jones is to prevent this and bring the Ark to safety before the Nazis reach it. With the help of his ex-girlfriend Marion (Karen Allen) and an Egyptian ally (John Rhys-Davies) Indy gets to Cairo. There he realizes that even the Nazis, led by the unscrupulous Toht (Ronald Lacey), are about to find the object they are looking for. When Marion is abducted, Indy also has no choice: He sneaks into the enemy's camp and tries to escape with the Ark of the Covenant and Marion in one blow ...

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