Storyline:Japan in the 16th century: Hidetora Ichimonji (Tatsuya Nakadai), the mighty warlord, has grown old. To continue the dynasty, he relinquishes his power to the eldest of his three sons, Taro Takatora (Akira Terao). His two younger brothers are to support him with their own castles. The second son, Jiro Masatora (Jinpachi Nezu), indulges in his destiny and swears allegiance, while the youngest offspring, Saburo Naotora (Daisuke Ryu), is merely ridiculed for his father's naivety. His father had built the Reich on intrigue and now expects the opposite of his sons. Saburo Naotora prophesies disunity and betrayal within the family and ultimately throughout the empire. The Father sends him into exile for these words of anger, but the darkest prophecies of the youngest son are soon to prove cruel truth ...

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