Relatos salvajes
Relatos salvajes(2014)

Storyline:"Wild Tales" is an episodic film consisting of six stories that, although not related in content, are thematically but nevertheless linked. In "Pasternak" the travelers discover in a plane that all know the same failed musicians. In the second episode "The Rats", a waitress (Julieta Zylberberg) has to deal with a man from her past (Cesar Bordon), who drove her parents into ruin. In "Road to Hell", an aggressive battle in the middle of nowhere causes bloodshed. In "Bombita", the eponymous hero (Ricardo Darin) uses unorthodox means to defend himself against tow trucks and speeding tickets. The penultimate episode "The Bill" deals with the dirty details of a driver's escape. And in "Till death do us part", a newlywed bride (Érica Rivas) finds out that her husband (Diego Gentile) has cheated on her. Their indignation about it brings many a wedding guest to the hospital ...

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