Storyline:In the Finnish city of Mikkeli corruption, violence and death are the order of the day. Also Rämö (Kristofer Gummerus) lives there with his small family. In order to be able to feed these, one day he accepts a job with a criminal organization. But when he fails terribly at an assignment, his boss Mr. Erola (Matti Onnismaa) draws the logical consequence: He lets Rämös murder his wife and daughter in cold blood and Rämö survives only barely. Driven by revenge, he takes the judiciary into his own hands and becomes the dark avenger Rendel, who masquerades through the city and wants to fight crime. Rendel does not take prisoners and is extremely brutal. He is also a thorn in the side of the unpredictable Rotikka (Rami Rusinen). And he hires a group of international killers to finally put Rendel out of circulation.

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