Storyline:Damian Hale (Ben Kingsley), a billionaire industrialist, was used to getting what he wanted all his life. He put his power entirely in the service of his company empire and even sacrificed contact with his daughter Claire (Michelle Dockery). When Hale gets the diagnosis that he is terminally ill with cancer and will soon die, he falls into his usual pattern after a brief grief: He uses his privileges to buy his lifetime. Albright (Matthew Goode), an elitist secret society strippers, trusts Hale with a procedure called "shedding," in which the patient's mind is transplanted into the healthy body of another man (Ryan Reynolds). The operation succeeds. Hale quickly enjoys his new life as "Edward", befriending Anton (Derek Luke), who shows him the hospitality of New Orleans. But something is wrong: Hale has nightmares that have to do with a strange life. He gets to the bottom of the causes of these dreams, comes in his research with the single mother Madeline (Natalie Martinez) in contact. What connects him and Natalie? And what role does Albright's secret organization play?

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