Shaun the Sheep Movie
Shaun the Sheep Movie(2015)

Storyline:Shaun has set his mind on finally giving himself and the other sheep a day off, because of the rut on the farm and his carelessly unfavorable hairstyle Shaun is equally annoyed. But the attempt to send the farmer unharmed to the land of dreams for one day goes completely wrong. Instead of sleeping peacefully in his caravan, the farmer accidentally lands in the big city as his vehicle gets rolling and heads downhill into the middle of the urban jungle. To make matters worse, he also suffers from a memory loss. As he wanders through the streets, lost in a hairdressing salon, subconscious memories of the shearing of his sheep are evoked - and soon he mutates into Mr. X, the master barber of the stars. Shaun and his herd and dog Bitzer now have to come up with a plan for getting their farmer back to the farm - but there's a brutal animal catcher behind them as well. Shaun's ingenuity is now needed to save herd, dog and dog.

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