Storyline:He worked in the heavenly O'ahu, where he lived with girlfriend Lindsay Mills (Shailene Woodley) - and later flees to Russia, hunted by US intelligence agencies: Edward Snowden (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) exchanges his work as an IT specialist, his private life and his freedom from exile, because at some point he no longer wants to mention that the NSA, in cooperation with other intelligence agencies, perverted the Internet into a sphere of worldwide mass surveillance, with the toleration of politics. In Hong Kong, Snowden meets with journalists Glen Greenwald (Zachary Quinto) and Ewen MacAskill (Tom Wilkinson) as well as documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras (Melissa Leo) to introduce them to the details of a sophisticated, screened surveillance system that extracts the most intimate data from citizens. although they have nothing to debts. Snowden can base his accusation on hundreds of thousands of secret documents he copied from his ex-employer. But was the young whistleblower really aware of what the personal price of his revelations would be?

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