Special Correspondents
Special Correspondents(2016)

Storyline:Frank Bonneville (Eric Bana) is a radio journalist from New York who wants to give his career a new lease of life. After all, his arrogant attitude and decadent lifestyle did not help him become really successful. To save his job, he pretends to go to the crisis area of Ecuador and report directly from the front. But in reality, he settles down with his colleague Ian Finch (Ricky Gervais) in a building directly opposite his transmitter and secretly sends false messages through the airwaves. However, their fake game threatens to flare up as Bonneville's rival Baker (Benjamin Bratt) declares the two missing on television and promptly proclaims them heroes of the nation to be searched for. For Bonneville and Finch there is only one way out - they really have to go to Ecuador.

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