Swiss Army Man
Swiss Army Man(2016)

Storyline:Hank (Paul Dano) is stranded on a lonely island. In the wild, he tries to survive as long as possible, but the hope for help disappears from day to day. Without faith in salvation, Hank sees no other way out than committing suicide. Shortly before, however, he surprisingly discovers the corpse of a young man (Daniel Radcliffe), which was washed from the sea to the beach. Even if it's a dead guy who keeps on farting - the stranded, pale body is the first one in a long while that Hank sees. He gives the dead man the name Manny and makes friends with him. Soon after, Manny even starts talking - and proving to be a useful, human Swiss army knife to hunt and water-ski with! Together, the new friends embark on a surreal journey, with only one goal: homecoming.

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