Storyline:The young Tallulah (Ellen Page) is a hijacker and lives in a filthy car. Since leaving her own mother on the street as a kid, Tallulah has been slipping through life, but secretly she's looking for a hold - and a family. In a hotel, she sets out to stalk her leftovers as she hires the over-burdened housewife Carolyn (Tammy Blanchard) from Beverly Hills to look after her baby to finally enjoy a few hours of rest. In a short-circuit reaction, Tallulah takes the screaming baby and rings the mother of her missing friend Nico (Evan Jonigkeit). In the false belief that it is her grandchild, Margo (Allison Janney) takes the two. She still does not suspect what momentous development this gesture will entail. In the meantime, Carolyn has also alerted the police ...

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