The 9th Life of Louis Drax
The 9th Life of Louis Drax(2016)

Storyline:Louis Drax (Aiden Longworth) has certainly not taken it easy in life, because every year he suffers an accident again, which then almost kills him. On his ninth birthday, smart Louis picnoses with his parents - and falls off a cliff. The police take care of the incident and while Louis' father Peter (Aaron Paul) disappears after the accident, the boy ends up in the Komaclinik of Dr. med. Allan Pascal (Jamie Dornan). The doctor examines with pretty unconventional methods how it could come to the accident. And as he penetrates deeper and deeper into the boy's consciousness to uncover his mysterious illness, the neurologist falls in love with Louis' mother Natalie (Sarah Gadon) ... Based on the eponymous bestseller by Liz Jensen.

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