The Angry Birds Movie
The Angry Birds Movie(2016)

Storyline:"Angry Birds" is based on the eponymous cell-phone series, whose various parts have already been downloaded more than three billion times, by the outsider Red (original speaker: Jason Sudeikis / German voice: Christoph Maria Herbst), because of his constant sudden Rage is condemned to participate in an anti-aggression course. There he meets the hyperactive Chuck (Josh Gad / Axel Stein) and the unpredictable Bomb (Danny McBride / Axel Prahl), who also have not really themselves under control. As a bunch of green pigs land on the island of flightless birds, they are first greeted warmly. However, the green guests cherish sinister intentions: When the pigs steal all the eggs of the birds, it is up to Red and his new buddies to let out all their anger and bring back the unsaddled offspring ...

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