The Big Short
The Big Short(2015)

Storyline:It's the year 2005. Day after day, new daring stock market deals are being made on Wall Street, and the economy is booming. With this in mind, even unemployed people with excellent returns and minimal risk become villa owners. In the animated atmosphere of general prosperity, only idiosyncratic hedge fund manager Michael Burry (Christian Bale) foresees that the financial world is facing a giant crash. When he discovers his forecasts to the leading bank bosses, he takes a perfidious plan, with which he wants to show the big banks because of their lack of foresight and their greed: The "Big Short". With other risk-averse speculators like the trader Steve Eisman (Steve Carell), the German bank broker Greg Lippman (Ryan Gosling) and the former star investor Ben Rickert (Brad Pitt) he bets against the financial system, by selling large shares Investment banks. In return, the big money beckons ... Based on Michael Lewis' book "The Big Short". He also wrote the template for "The Art of Winning - Moneyball."

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