The Boss
The Boss(2016)

Storyline:As head of a large corporation, Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) has brought her wealth and influence, but when she is convicted of insider trading, her past life is over - she ends up in jail, also because enemies like ex-lover Renault (Peter Dinklage) and ex-mentor Ida (Kathy Bates) were happy to testify against Michelle. When the magnate is released six months later, nothing is the same as before and she first has to find shelter with her former, mouse-gray assistant Claire (Kristen Bell), who made her life difficult in the past. Michelle plans to fight back the head of her old company, but at the children's charity event of Claire's daughter Rachel (Ella Anderson), she comes up with a new idea. She wants to make big candy shops, to create her own brownie empire with the help of Claire and the little Girl Scouts ...

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