The Conjuring 2
The Conjuring 2(2016)

Storyline:The demonologists Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) have become true celebrities thanks to their spectacular cases. But the spirits and demons of this world do not sleep and that's why the couple is called to England, more precisely to the London district of Enfield. There lives the single mother Peggy Hodgson (Frances O'Connor) with her four children Margaret (Lauren Esposito), Janet (Madison Wolfe), Johnny (Patrick McAuley) and Billy (Benjamin Haigh). They are not right-minded and especially Janet is repeatedly the victim of a demon who takes possession of her and speaks to the people through her. For the Warrens begins a new case that will demand everything ... Continuation to James Wan's "The Conjuring." "The Conjuring 2" goes back to the incidents known as "Enfield Poltergeist".

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