The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea(2016)

Storyline:Opposites attract, if you look at the happy marriage of the nice, restrained architect Henry (Jason Sudeikis) with the bright, open-hearted and just very pregnant Penny (Jessica Biel). One day they make a strange observation: The homeless girl Millie (Maisie Williams) rummages in the rubbish of her neighbors and not in search of food. Instead, she's looking for building materials - but what does she need them for? Anyway, Penny's keeping Henry from promising to talk to Millie. Only one day later, however, fate turns inexorably as Penny is killed in an accident. For Henry, the world collapses. But then he remembers the promise he gave his wife shortly before and approaches Millie. She wants to build a raft to find her father. He went missing on the high seas ...

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