The English Patient
The English Patient(1996)

Storyline:Egypt, just before World War II: Hungarian Count Laszlo Almasy (Ralph Fiennes) explores the desert as a member of the Royal Geographic Society in England to create maps for geographers and archaeologists. When German army units shoot him down, he is picked up by an English convoy and cared for by French Red Cross sister Hana (Juliette Binoche). Almasy barely survived the crash; his body, his face burnt beyond recognition, his internal organs badly damaged. Almasy also suffers from amnesia. Hana decides to leave the convoy with Almasy to take care of him. In a monastery ruin in Tuscany, both settle down. They are joined by two close-knit experts from the British Army for disarming bombs: the Sikh Kip (Naveen Andrews) and Hardy (Kevin Whately). Kip and Hana love each other. Finally, the mysterious Caravaggio (Willem Dafoe) emerges from the ruin and meets Almasy with suspicion, without Hana initially knowing why.

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