The Gunman
The Gunman(2015)

Storyline:Jim Terrier (Sean Penn) was once a member of the Special Forces and has since joined a mercenary force specializing in tricky jobs. In 2006, the elite unit in the Democratic Republic of the Congo unleashes a deadly assassination attempt on the Indigenous Mining Minister to help foreign companies gain easier access to the country's rich mineral resources. After the action, Terrier has to leave the Congo in a hurry, leaving his girlfriend, the doctor Annie (Jasmine Trinca) behind. After this experience, Jim ends his mercenary life and returns to the Congo only eight years later on behalf of a relief organization. He is now building wells, but one day he is attacked at work and the re-escape to London succeeds only barely. Terrier must realize that apparently someone is systematically hunting down the members of his former mercenary group and alerted his former colleagues. Finally, he meets his great love Annie again ...

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