The Little Vampire 3D
The Little Vampire 3D(2017)

Storyline:Rüdiger von Schlotterstein is annoyed: Already for the 300th time he celebrates his 13th birthday, but he really is not older than a vampire! Accordingly, he feels no desire for the birthday party, which his parents plan for him and to the entire relatives is invited to Transylvania. But before the celebration can take place, Rüdiger's older brother Lumpi with a stupidity ensures that the merciless vampire hunter Geier Meier and his assistant Manni (German voice: Wigald Boning) take up the hunt for Rüdiger's family and lock them up in the local crypt. Only Rüdiger, his younger sister Anna and their parents can escape and flee to the Black Forest. There, Rüdiger meets the 13-year-old boy Anton Bohnsack and the two become friends. They decide to help Rüdiger's family ...

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