The Revenant
The Revenant(2015)

Storyline:In the 1820s, legendary trapper Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) wandered the expanse of the United States, exploring the Missouri River with an expedition headed by Captain Andrew Henry (Domhnall Gleeson). He has a careless moment by the river - which a grizzly takes advantage of to make him sick. Glass floats in mortal danger. His companions, including the rough-headed John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) and the young Jim Bridger (Will Poulter), do not believe he will survive the incident, and when they spy on Natives near their camp, they do not hesitate. They take the rifle, knife and other equipment from the seriously wounded and leave it to themselves. But surprisingly, Glass survives - and swears revenge to all the companions who left him behind. In search of them the injured adventurer drags himself through the icy mountains ...

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