The Secret Life of Pets
The Secret Life of Pets(2016)

Storyline:Every day, the same thing happens in households around the world: pet owners leave their charges at home for the work day. It is true that not everyone agrees to turn their backs on boredom. But a loyal dog like Max (voice in the original: Louis C.K. / German voice: Jan Josef Liefers) can not wait to see his Katie (Ellie Kemper / Stefanie Heinzmann) again and so he takes a stand right in front of the apartment door. But one day she brings a new friend for Max, the furry Duke (Eric Stonestreet / Dietmar Bär). Two dogs in a household are definitely one too many - at least that's how Max sees it. But one day they are caught by dog ​​catchers on a trip and taken away. Fortunately, many of her friends set out to find and rescue her. Meanwhile, the two dogs get to know the devilish bunny Snowball (Kevin Hart / Fahri Yardim) who makes their own plans ...

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