The Windmill Massacre
The Windmill Massacre(2016)

Storyline:Jennifer Harris (Charlotte Beaumont) tries to leave her gloomy past behind in Amsterdam. To hide from the police, she joins a tourist group. Among them travel Jackson (Ben Batt), Takashi Kido (Tanroh Ishida), Curt West (Adam Thomas Wright) and Nicholas Cooper (Noah Taylor). The tour wants to rattle the most beautiful windmills in the Netherlands. However, when the sightseeing bus stops in the Pampa, the group is forced to take refuge in a small hut just next to a particularly spooky windmill. Legend has it that a miller owned by the devil did not grind grain but the bones of the villagers. As more and more disappear from the group, Jennifer discovers something that unites everyone involved - and could potentially bring them all to their deaths.

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