The Wound
The Wound(2017)

Storyline:Xolani (Nakhane Touré) is a factory worker in Queenstown, South Africa, but once a year he has a different job: then he returns to his mountainous homeland and helps teenagers become men. As a Caregiver, Xolani accompanies the adolescents of the people of Xhosa in the ritual of becoming a man. This year, the outsider Kwanda (Niza Jay Ncoyini) belongs to the group, who comes from the city and considers his father soft. After the circumcision, Kwanda and the others, painted white, have to spend eight days in the bush. The relationship between the young man and his mentor - who is secretly gay - has subliminal tensions. The situation is also complicated because another Caregiver is there: Xolani's also homosexual childhood friend Vija (Bongile Mantsai) ...

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