The Young Messiah
The Young Messiah(2016)

Storyline:After the birth of their son Jesus, Mary (Sara Lazzaro) and Joseph (Vincent Walsh) once fled to Alexandria to escape the cruel command of King Herod, who at the time ruled out of fear of a "new king of the Jews" throughout Israel to murder all boys until the age of two. Meanwhile, Jesus (Adam Greaves-Neal) is seven years old and his parents decide that it is time to return to Nazareth. As Jesus asks more and more what distinguishes him from the other boys, Mary and Joseph consider him too young to accept the truth about the miraculous circumstances of his birth and his upcoming life as the Son of God. Meanwhile, Herod's son Herod Antipas (Jonathan Bailey) learns that Jesus survived the Bethlehem massacre. Immediately, the terrified ruler orders the Roman Centurion Severus (Sean Bean) to locate the boy and finally kill him. Jesus has just done a miracle again ...

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