Thugs of Hindostan
Thugs of Hindostan(2018)

Storyline:In 1795 there is a bitter fight on the high seas. British forces and Indian bandits, so-called thugs, are fighting for supremacy on the Indian Ocean and existing trade routes. The Thugs are no easy pirates, they see themselves rather as selfless independence fighters. On the British commander John Clive (Lloyd Owen), the Thugs are particularly anxious, since he first ingratiated himself as a negotiator with the Rajahs from India but then occupied their kingdoms. For example, Princess Zafira (Fatima Sana Shaikh) watched as a little girl as her family was killed by John Clive. Especially dangerous for the British is the leader of the Thugs, Khudabaksh Azaad (Amitabh Bachchan), from him Zafira was rescued and trained as a fighter. Therefore, the British commander Clive has a special plan: He sends the Indian petty criminal Firangi Mallah (Aamir Khan) to the thugs, so that he finds out as a spy for him what Azaad is planning, so that he can stop him ...

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