Tonari no Totoro
Tonari no Totoro(1988)

Storyline:So that they can visit their in-hospital mother more often, the four-year-old Mei and her ten-year-old sister Satsuki move in the 1950s with her father in the outskirts of Tokyo. As soon as they move into the house, which is next to a forest, the two sisters believe that they are haunting their new home. A few days later, the little Mei falls into a hole in the root system of a huge camphor tree and lands there on the belly of a large, furry creature, who considers the girl a troll. Since the four-year-old can not pronounce this word correctly, she baptizes the magically gifted Waldgeist in the name Totoro. Soon, Satsuki will also be showing three different sized Totoros and a twelve-legged, wide grinning cat bus. When Mei tries to reach her mother alone, her anxious big sister tries to find her again together with a search party made up of helpful neighbors. Since Mei has still not turned up at nightfall, the desperate Satsuki asks the biggest of the three Totoros for help ...

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