Toni Erdmann
Toni Erdmann(2016)

Storyline:Winfried (Peter Simonischek) is a 65-year-old, empathetic music teacher with a penchant for jokes, who lives with his old dog. His daughter Ines (Sandra Hüller), on the other hand, is the opposite: As an ambitious management consultant, she travels around the world and from one project to the next in order to climb the career ladder steeply. Therefore, father and daughter do not often get to see each other, but this suddenly changes when Winfried's dog dies and he decides to visit Ines unannounced at work in Bucharest. Because of his jokes and the subliminal criticism of their lifestyle, it soon crashes between the two. And then Winfried turns into his old ego Toni Erdmann: the teeth are crooked, the suit is bad and a wig is sitting on his head. The weird bird claims to be a personal coach, putting Ines in front of her colleagues in some embarrassing situations - but the disguise also makes her and her father approach ...

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