Triple 9
Triple 9(2016)

Storyline:Atlanta is severely crippled by crime, with local police facing street battles, public executions and brutal torture, with which the overpowering Russian mafia makes its supremacy clear. For many cops, there is the tempting opportunity to earn a dollar or two if they occasionally look away or even rob a bank for the mafia. The corrupt police also includes Marcus Atwood (Anthony Mackie), who is not thrilled when he is partnered with the idealistic rookie Chris (Casey Affleck) aside, which is also the nephew of the sergeant (Woody Harrelson). But the blue-eyed Chris comes in handy for Atwood and his corrupt troupe when they need an easy-to-take victim for a crazed plan: Russian Mafia boss Irina Vlaslov (Kate Winslet) demands a crazy raid from the cops, and Atwood wants Chris in the service of the Corner bring to trigger the police emergency code "999" and in the resulting chaos calm to turn the thing ...

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