Storyline:For 20 years, the ever-good-humored trolls have lived in peace since their leader, King Peppy (voice in the original: Jeffrey Tambor) has freed them from the captivity of the nasty mountains, for which there is nothing better than the little creatures with long hair eat. For the trolls it is therefore only every day a big party after the other to throw. They are led by Peppy's daughter Poppy (Anna Kendrick / German voice: Lena Meyer-Landrut), the happiest of all trolls. But the constant celebration calls the mountains back on the map, which one day almost kidnap the entire troll population. In desperation, Poppy turns to the only bad-tempered, cautious and never-singing troll available: Branch (Justin Timberlake / Mark Forster). Together, the uneven couple, who can not stand each other, embarks on a dangerous journey. Animated film about the "Troll Dolls", the famous toy series.

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