True Story
True Story(2015)

Storyline:The journalist Michael Finkel (Jonah Hill) has made it to the top, as the framed magazine covers on his office wall and above all the name of his employer testify to: "New York Times". But Finkel commits a journalistic cardinal error. For his new article, he does not rely on facts, but uses his imagination - and gets fired. Not bad, Finkels girlfriend Jill (Felicity Jones), because the work for the Times, he would not get anyway. But soon new material awaits Finkel, a story of great explosiveness. The imprisoned Christian Longo (James Franco), who allegedly killed his family, contacted the journalist for insider information on the bloody events. Between the suspect, who strangely pretended to be Finkel at the time of his arrest, and the journalist, a relationship of trust with potentially dangerous consequences ... Based on the memoirs of journalist Michael Finkel.

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