Un homme à la hauteur
Un homme à la hauteur(2016)

Storyline:The solitary attorney Diane (Virginie Efira) is surprised when she is called one evening by a strange man. The caller turns out to be Alexandre (Jean Dujardin), a charming lawyer who has found Diane's cell phone in a restaurant and now wants to send it to his rightful owner. Delighted by so much honesty Diane agrees to a meeting, which is not only the handover of the cell phone, but also serves as a date - because in the short phone call flew between her and Alexandre only so the sparks. She is all the more surprised when she then faces a man just under 1.40 m tall! Not exactly what Diane thinks of as a dream prince, but she decides to give Alexandre a chance. And lo and behold, in fact, the little man conquers the heart of the single woman quite quickly. While the two are after only a few meetings a heart and a soul, Diane's environment reacts but very strange to the unequal pair ...

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