Storyline:Hedge fund tycoon Neil (Danny Masterson) rents a home on gorgeous Eastman Island for himself, his friends and a wild party weekend filled with music, fun and alcohol. It is only natural that a mysterious club owner (Pierce Brosnan) offers them the newfangled designer drug Urge. It should be completely different than all previously known addictive substances. Only hook on the delightful rush - you can only experience it once. But that does not stop the clique from spending the night of their lives, when their wildest fantasies come true. When all are sober again, they can not stop thinking about the ecstatic experience. While Jason (Justin Chatwin) sticks to the bid after his trip, the others break the rule and get involved in a deadly game: the island paradise quickly becomes a tropical madhouse. And the sober Jason soon realizes that Urge could bring not only the end of his friends, but the entire civilization ...

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