When the Bough Breaks
When the Bough Breaks(2016)

Storyline:Laura (Regina Hall) and John Taylor (Morris Chestnut) are a young and successful couple, with only one thing missing in absolute happiness: a child. But all attempts have failed so far. As a last resort, the two decide to hire a surrogate mother to deliver their child. In Anna (Liz Sinclair) they seem to have found the perfect woman to make her baby happy. And at first everything goes according to plan. However, when she is without a roof over her head after an incident, the Taylors offer to stay with them. But that's where the problems start: Anna starts to fixate on John, but when he does not want to reciprocate her feelings, Anna runs away and threatens to kill the baby in her stomach. Laura and John have their hands tied - because there is no legal kidnapping and therefore they can not involve the police ...

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