Storyline:During the last years of the Cold War, the USSR is also to receive its own superhero force, which is why an organization called "Patriot" recruited four heroes from different Soviet republics: Ler (Sebastien Sisak), who uses his powers to manipulate soil and rocks, Arsus (Anton Pampushnyy ), which can turn into a huge commercial, the lightning fast and superhuman strong swordsman Khan (Sanzhar Madiyev) as well as the strong as well as acrobatic Kseniya (Alina Lanina) who can turn her body into water and thus become invisible. But when the Soviet Union finally collapses a few years later, it also means the end of the Soviet superhero program and the four heroes dive under. Only years later, when the tech-savvy villain Avgust Kuratov (Stanislav Shirin) attacks Russia with his clone army and the regular military is powerless, the "Protector" called reaction force is reactivated ...

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